Transfer from the hotels in El Calafate to “Punta Bandera” port. The navigation starts towards the northwest, crossing Punta Avellaneda and Boca del Diablo, the narrowest passage in the lake with almost 800 meters.
After two hours of navigation, the series of ice floes, of the most varied colors and shapes, anticipates the proximity of Upsala glacier. We will stop in front of the barrier of ice floes which, at present, is blocking the entrance to Upsala Chanel. If the weather conditions are good, we will observe the Upsala glaciers at the distance.
We continue navigating Lago Argentino towards the South, taking the Spegazzini Chanel in order to reach the glacier that bears the same name. The navigation allows us to get closer to the glacier, which has front walls between 80 and 135 meters (262 – 443 feet) above lake level. Lunch is served amidst this stunning landscape.
Towards the afternoon, the Crucero Leal will arrive at “Puesto de Las Vacas” (an extremely quiet bay in the Canal Spegazzini), where
its engines will be stopped to let passengers share an amusing walk coordinatedby our team of guides. In this stop, it is possible to see stunning panoramic views of the Spegazzini glacier.
Once onboard, we will return through Brazo Norte and get back to the port.

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