Estancia Cristina

The “Estancia” was founded in 1914 by Joseph Percival Masters, of English origin, who emigrated with his wife, to Patagonia in 1900, seeking a prosperous future. First they settled in Rio Gallegos. where their two children were borned: Percival Herbert and Elinor Cristina. Then hear about a land near a large lake named “Argentino”. The trip takes several years. Percival decides to buy a boat with which he began to move to the North Arm of Lake Argentino, the Cristina Chanel. There he founded his home: “Estancia Cristina”. After years of sacrifice and deprivation, the Masters were able to have, in the 22,000 acres of the ranch, surrounded by glaciers, snowy peaks and lakes, adding 12,000 sheep, 30 cows and 50 horses. On the death of Cristina and her parents, the “Estancia” passed to Herbert, when he dies he leave it to his wife Janet McDonald, who had no successors.

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Estancia Cristina
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