“Los Glaciares” National Park

There are about 80 km from El Calafate to the Perito Moreno Glacier along a mostly paved road. On your right you will see the “Lago Argentino” with its rounded bay, where you can find different species like black neck swans, flamingoes, coots and the typical species “pato vapor” and “cauquén”. Due to the “coirón”, grass that grows on the area, the fields show a yellowish colour, though you can also find white and short “coirón”.
Over the first 40 km, you travel along the Patagonian steppe until you get to the entrance of the National Park with its “ñires”, “guindos”, “canelos”, “lengas” and coloured flowers. The “notro”, typical shrub of the Patagonian forest, with its particular intense red flowers, will capture your sight.
Once in the Glacier you will stare at its captivating natural scenery and will be able to have a front view of it by going up the steps and walking the walkways.

"Los Glaciares” National Park
Lago Rico Sailing
Minitrekking: Walk on the glacier
Big Ice : Viaje al centro del Glaciar
Todo Glaciares
Estancia Cristina
Cerro Frías
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