The Place
The city of EL Calafate is situated at 50° south latitude, 72° west longitude, in the province of Santa Cruz, 2.732 kilometers away from the city of Buenos Aires.  El Calafate was founded in 1927. In those days, the oxen pulled carts from the “Estancias” passed through loaded with wool. They would stop to stock up and rest, on their way to the ports on the Atlantic coast, where they sold their goods. Sheep rearing was the main activity in the area back by then. Synthetic fibers have replaced wool which has now lost the value it once had.
In 1938, the Southern Ice Field was declared a National Park. From then on, people from all around the world have visited the region, making tourism the main activity in the area today. The name “El Calafate” comes from a bushy, thorny shrub, Berberis Microohylla, which is characteristic in this area; it has small yellow flowers and deep red berries.
The weather is mostly dry year round, with temperatures averaging in the mid 18°C, in summer and 2°C in winter.
Calafate is 80 kilometers away from the Los Glaciares National Park, which was declared a World Heritage site by UNESCO in 1981
How to get there
Flights: El Calafate has an international airport opened in the year 2000, receiving flights from Buenos Aires, Trelew, Bariloche and Ushuaia.
The Hostería is 27 kilometers away from the airport, on the main road, 5 kilometers away from the center of the city.
Av. del Libertador General San Martín 5310.
El Calafate - Pcia. de Santa Cruz - Argentina
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50° south latitude, 72° west longitude